Shop closed May 21 - 25. Enjoy *complimentary delivery on every order.
Shop closed May 21 - 25. Enjoy *complimentary delivery on every order.
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Hi, I'm Jerzelle, I'm a floral artist.
Welcome to my world of flowers!  ​
Flowers and design are things that I have always been drawn to.
I decided to immerse myself fully into this world and pursued a diploma in landscape design and horticulture.
Additionally, I took up a floral certification at Nobleman School of Floral Designs.
I began my journey, by picking up skills and experiences in weddings, floral installations, and everyday flowers.
Throughout the years as a florist, I discovered that there was so much more to
floral arrangements than just bundling up pretty flowers. 
Each floral piece is carefully and intricately crafted to convey a person's feelings and thoughts. 
It wasn’t an easy decision to start Scissors Paper Flower on my own.
However, I truly longed for a space to freely create and express myself through floral art.
Scissors Paper Flower represents the key materials that I began my journey with and will continue to be a part of.
I want to focus on making timeless floral pieces that creates everlasting memories.